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Whispered away


Please don't trample on it! Inspired by the grass and fallen leaves Chenxi sees on the ground. Then she captures the various scattered stumbling gestures of individuals, fusing the plasticity, fragility, and transparency of glass, and making ceramic "obstacle" that mimic the texture of the gallery floor. Through the dynamic forms of irregular separation and spaced flow of groups, the artwork embodies the experience of disassociation, spreading, struggle, neglect, vulnerability and alienation of body and consciousness as subconsciously perceived in the socio-cultural divide of marginalized identity. 

Material: glass, ceramics, hot glue, glass glue, bronze powder, glaze

Size: variable (47in*118in*8in in the image)


5into1 Exhibition 2023, The galleries at Moore,Philadelphia, US  July 3- September 2,2023

Away From Centre,  Atelier gallery, Philadelphia, US March 30-April 2023

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