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There is a mountain

Installation, video


In China, people often say father's love is as great as a mountain because mountain is Yang representing great manliness. What I’m interested in is that the mountain formation came from eruption whereby mountain shape is like the erection of the ground. After my father passed away, I often dreamed of him. The dream began from the bed and often ended up with green mountains. In this work, I try to look for an intimate “male” role that is absent in my life, and express my memories of family life.

A sheet of viscose filament, an irony frame of bed, cement cones, polyfoam cones, a mouldy steamed bread, a little green stool, needle, a spool of thread, a PVC shelf,  an air cleaner, a wizened plant and plastic bags, an electric fan, a footboard


There is a mountain


父爱如山,山在中国是阳性的,(具有男性气概的)。令我感到有趣的是,山的形成来源于爆发(射精)。父亲离开我以后,我会时常梦到他。梦起始于床,终止于青山。作品There is a mountain中用家庭化的空间、材料与行为,去追寻一个缺失于我生命中的亲切的“男性”角色,并且连接遗失的亲情。





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