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Remote hugging garment

Remote hugging garment is a pair of garments. One is a pressure sensitive, knitted garment that can capture, record and transmit 3-dimensional data of tactile sense of hug, functioning as a transmitter. The other is a pneumatic, knitted, e-signal conductive garment that can receive the data from the transmitter through software and transform the data into pneumatic pressure to mimic the sense of hug  on the wearer, functioning as the receiver.

The designer is a Chinese international artist whose country has a strict Covid-19 quarantine policy that sometimes makes people separate from their families, especially when they are in other countries. In the pandemic era, quarantine already hindered people from maintaining the intimate relationship by haptic sense that plays an important role in people’s mental health. Meanwhile, a great number of people passed away during the pandemic.  Also, the war forces people such as soldiers separate from their families.

The remote hugging garment is designed to help remotely maintain intimate relationships for people who are internationally separate from their families due to quarantine policy and war and so on. Future more, it is also for memorials by recording the tactile sense of hugs of people who passed away or people who become untouchable anymore. Additionally, it’s also potentially helpful for people who have different cultural views of touch from each other.

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