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The timeless dance of sperm: unveiling the molecular secrets in a primal wonder of life

(in process)

Media: animation

​This work is not finished. So I put an example of selected clip of this work to offer a little visual info.

The storyline of "The timeless dance of sperm" originated from a scientific paper "Molecular mechanisms of sperm motility are conserved in an early-branching metazoan" that elaborated reef-building coral sperm's molecular signaling pathway that offers a chain reaction to pH value in the surrounding to adjust sperms' motility while  swimming towards the egg in the sea water. Reef-building corals are an evolutionarily important model species and members of the early-branching phylum Cnidaria. Then, scientists found sperms in Cnidaria utilize a highly conserved the signaling mechanism that is as same as that in mammals and echinoderms.

I have been trying to narrate the scientific research through artistic means of animation to make the scientific  findings visually vivid in order to help spread and impress the cutting-edge knowledge. It's incredibly exciting and inspiring that we can delve into the essence of fertility mechanisms in such a microscopic level. Building on this knowledge, we can establish evolutional connection between different phylum across mammals and Cnidaria, prompting critical thinking of biological and environmental ethical issues with the interspecies relationship in the context of  climate change.


Speer, Kelsey F., et al. "Molecular mechanisms of sperm motility are conserved in an early-branching metazoan." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118.48 (2021): e2109993118.

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