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Inflammative Anti-Inflammation


The works materialize and visualize the sense of division of self-consciousness caused by family calamity and develop into a persistent state of self-struggle of inflammation in the body from the perspective of daily life, body sensation and cell morphology.


Cells’ death goes through this process through phagocytosis, autophagy, rupture, and overflow and so on.

Individuals as individual as individuals

This was a process, that a self is separating into pieces and also forming into an individual at the same time.

This was a space, that has an inside, becoming into an outside, was shaping itself.

Material: balloons, white emulsion, AB glue, decorative net, net fabric, EPE fruit packaging net, zipper, 3D printer material, mop head, wire spring, garbage bag, preservative film, silica gel, zip tie, hot melt glue, iron wire, small electric fan, umbrella stand, adhesive tape, mop, brush


Size: from left to right 28 in * 32 in * 71 in, 24 in * 24 in * 8 in, 32 in * 36 in * 65 in, 24 in * 24 in * 83 in






从做到右,0.7m*0.8m*1.8m, 0.6m*0.6m*0.2m, 0.8m*0.9m*1.6m, 0.6m*0.6m*2.1m



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