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Chenxi Shao

Philadelphia, PA


University of Pennsylvania,Weitzman School of Design

Master of Fine Arts, May 2023

Committee: David Hartt, Joshua Mosley, Michelle Lopez, Ken Lum

University of Pennsylvania, Center of Teaching and Learning College and University Teaching, May 2023

Beijing Forestry University, School of Soil and Water Conservation Ph.D in Interface Ecology of Agroforestry, December 2015


China Agricultural University, School of Agronomy Bachelor in Agronomy, June 2008



Weitzman school of Design, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA

Jan - May 2023

Teaching assistant for major course “Design Senior Seminar Projects” instructed by

Professor Ani Liu and Jacob Rivkin. Class size: 12

  • Supported students’ projects with models and methodologies of design practice of furniture design, graphic design and animation to explore the reciprocal impacts of emerging technology, social justice and environmental issues.

  • Co-arranged the final show and implemented the installation in gallery.

Teaching Assistant for major seminar course "Interrogative Design" instructed by Professor Krzysztof Wodiczko. Class size: 12

  • Exemplified the forms and contents of the final project by video and installations.

  • Organized and facilitated Professor Krzysztof Wodiczko‘s studio visits with graduate students in Fine Arts program at UPenn.

Sep - Dec 2022

Teaching assistant for selective studio course “Biological Design”. Class size: 11

  • Led critics and instructed the biological experiment operation.

  • Gave introduction lecture.

  • Co-designed the syllabus and curatd relevant exhibition visiting and readings.

Jan - Apr 2022

Teaching assistant for major course ‘Contemporary Art Studio’ instructed by Matt Neff, the director of Undergraduate Program in Fine Arts and Design at UPenn. Class size: 11

  •  Develop students’ projects in media of printing, installation, projection, video and performance with social, cultural, political, and art historical contexts through personalized guidance and valuable reference during one-on-one meetings.

  • Facilitated the installation of the five shows, actively contributing to critique sessions in the gallery.

  • Provided translation support between Mandarin and English. Supported logistics.


Sep - Dec 2021

Teaching assistant for selective seminar course “Design 21”. Class size: 12 students.

  • Streamlined the course by engaging into critiques of students’ graphic design, digital design and projection design projects.

  • Supported logistics.

School of water and soil conservation, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China

Sep 2010- Dec 2015

Ph.D. candidate

  • Mentored students to design proposal of soil nutrition distribution.

  • Trained them with pedagogical experiment in the field and in the lab as well as

statistical analysis.

  • Instruct scientific paper writing.


School of water and soil conservation, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China

Sep 2010- Dec 2015

Ph.D. candidate

  • Summarized the information of 3 books and 500 papers on soil ecology.

  • Conducted field and lab experiment, identifying microbial species, measuring soil

property and nitrogen-fixation measurement.

  • Performed statistical analysis on pedagogical data.

  • Authored 3 scientific paper and reviewed students’ paper. 


My art media across sculpture, bio-art and animation to narrate and interrogate issues of dynamic identity, technological ethic and environments.



Conscious Disruptions, Jianshexiang Gallery, Beijing, China 2021


  • $99 Exhibition, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2023

  • Member Holiday Show, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2023

  • Lino Kino for the Five Year Anniversary, Fringe Arts, Philadelphia, PA 2023

  • Ornaphonism, Flux Factory, New York, NY 2023

  • Sonic Expression: Music+Art, Yavapai College Art Gallery, Prescott, AZ 2023

  •  ATTERMATH: UPenn MFA Satellite Show, WorthlessStudios, Brooklyn, NY 2023  VOX POPULI XVIII: Oil of Milk, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2023

  • 5into1 Exhibition 2023, The Galleries at Moore, Philadelphia, PA 2023

  • Away From Center, Atelier gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2023

  • 215|610 CONTEMPORARY Juried Exhibition, Delaware County Community College, Philadelphia, PA 2022

  •  Hotwork, The Charles Addams Fine Arts gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2022.

  • The Ritual of Soil, Group Exhibition, No Space Gallery, online 2021


  • Animation:Maya, Harmony, Stop-Motion, Dragonframe, After Effects, Media encoder

  • Drawing:Water color, Gouache, Colored pencil 

  • Animation:  Photoshop, Clo, Illustrator, CAD, Final cut pro

  • Sculpture:  Molding, Casting, Glass casting, Ceramics, 3D Printing, Woodworking,

  • Screenprinting, Etching, Cyanotype Printing, Digital Printing Metalworking, Amature making

  • Fabric work: Pattern design, Drapping, Sewing, Cutting, Dyeing

  • Language: Chinese Mandarin, English

  • Coding: Java

  • Statistics: SPSS

  • Micro Office


  • AFTERMATH, UPenn MFA Satellite Show poster and printed matter, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 2023

  • Frontiers in Linguistics Lecture Series poster and printed matter,School of Literature, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, 2015



  • Independent Press Award, Book:Nurse Florence, 2023 ( I am working as the illustrator)

  • NYC Big Book Award, Book:Nurse Florence, 2023 ( I am working as the illustrator)

  • Public Art Residency, Arcadia University, 2023

  • Monument Lab MFA Fellowship, Center for Public Art and Space, 2023

  • Halpern-Rogath Independent Travel Award, Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, 2022

  • Lijing Innovation Scholarship, School of Water and Soil Conservation, Beijing  Forestry            

  • University, 2013               

  • Second Place, Academic Scholarship, School of Water and Soil Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, 2011, 2012             

  • First Place, Academic Scholarship, Beijing Forestry University, 2010


  • E-flux Education. University of Pennsylvania 2023 MFA satellite exhibition: Aftermath

  • Metro Chinese Weekly News, Philadelphia's Five Major Universities Sculptural Annual Exhibition Brings Forth an Art Storm,July 21, 2023

  • Chenxi Shao, Effects of Physical Characteristics of Biological Crusts on Seed Germination, Journal of China Agricultural University, 2016, 21 (1-2): p 20-30

  • Chenxi Shao and Zihe Li, Constructing Linguistic Phylogenetic Tree, International Conference on Linguistics,Peking University,2013

  •  Autonomous Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria MBC1 and Its Application, Patent No. 201510860778.4, 30/11/2015

  • Autogenous Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria MBC2 and Its Application, Patent No. 201510860560.9, 30/11/2015

  • Autogenous Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria MBC3 and Its Application, Patent No. 201510860755.3, 30/11/2015

  • Autogenous Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria MBC4 and Its Application, Patent No. 201510857725.7, 30/11/2015

  • Autogenous Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria MBC5 and Its Application, Patent No. 201510859663.3, 30/11/2015

  • Autogenous Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria MBC7 and Its Application Patent No. 201510859878.5, 30/11/2015

  • Autogenous Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria MBC8 and Its Application, Patent No. 201510859692.X, 30/11/2015

  • Autogenous Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria MBC9 and Its Application, Patent No. 201510859692.X, 30/11/2015

  • Autogenous Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria MBC10 and Its Application, patent No. 201510860743.0, 30/11/2015

  • Wind Power Plant, CN102868203A, 09/01/2013


Member of Vox Populi Gallery

Gallery ambassador of ICA Philadelphia

Volunteer of Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

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