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Centaur series


Media: sculpture, video

Plants, which serve as producers in terrestrial ecosystems, disrupt the soil-air interface vertically. The expansion of green areas shapes dynamic boundaries between natural landscapes and urban territories. Within urban settings, my attention is particularly drawn to road barriers, which dictate the movement of bodies and delineate distinct zones. Curiosity about this phenomenon drives me to investigate the reasons behind the placement of these barriers and their influence on human pathways. My exploration leads to a critical thinking of the lasting influence of the geographical and historical contexts of social disciplinary power on those boundaries.


I integrate this abstraction of plant growth into the design of road barriers.These works culminate in their visual representation as a centaur. My intention is to explore the development of physical boundaries and their intricate relationship with societal discipline, body politics, and nature.

Material: cloth, synthetic fabric, plush cloth, cambered Guangdong gauze, woolen wire, linen, hemp rope, balloon, knitting bag, kraft paper, glue, PVC cloth, moss, yeast, potato starch culture media, interlining, circuit board, capacitor, diode, projector, shelves of iron, screen

Size: variable



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